Human Resource Development

What is Human Resource Development

Any company or form of business that wants to grow exponentially has to first ensure that its employees or “human resources” are optimally trained to carry out goals and objectives of the organisation. Development of skills and updating job knowledge are all vital components of a venture that runs on well oiled wheels. It also helps employees offer the best service to customers, a crucial factor for growth and development of the company.

It is the responsibility of the organisation to impart required training to its staff. This is of course not to discount efforts made by individual employees to sharpen their skill sets by opting for external courses and programs that assist in their career enhancements. But that breed of people are rare and most depend on the organisation’s internal efforts to progress up the professional ladder.

What does this imply? Human resources development includes providing guidance for enhanced performance, career development, mentoring and preparing employees to take higher responsibilities at work place.

There are basically two ways that this is done.

  • Internal Training – These are class room sessions usually held in the work premises if space is available. External facilitators are called in and they take classes on specifically selected subjects. They are highly trained in conducting such programs and even prepare study material for the employees under training. Another option is getting senior employees to conduct training programmes. This is particularly useful as executives are in tune with the culture of the company and can guide the employees on following precise work methods that can optimise the organisation’s objectives. Other methods of internal training are self-study assignments and field trips.

  • External training – Such programs are usually meant for senior executives who need expert and professional training to advance their skill sets and take their work output to the next level. Career advancement institutions have customised courses that are industry specific and precisely match the needs of executives. Such courses are especially created as per a company’s specifications. Needless to say, senior executives are sponsored by their respective firm’s to attend these courses and all expenses are taken care of.

It is not only employees that profit from good human resources practices, the main benefits are reaped by companies that get high performance output from their workers.